That’s a wrap! 2022’s most downloaded resources

That’s a wrap! As 2022 draws to a close, we’re rounding up our top content of the year. Check out our 10 most downloaded resources.

As 2022 draws to a close, we’re rounding up the best of IMO’s resources from the year – including eBooks, how-to guides, white papers and more. A huge thank you to all of our subject matter experts who helped craft this informative, in-depth content. And another to our readers, whose curiosity and eagerness to learn inspired our work throughout the year. Keep reading to see what emerging health IT trends, challenges, and topics resonated the most with you by taking a look at IMO’s 10 most downloaded resources in 2022.

1. Creating a problem list governance strategy | Guide

This guide will help your organization ensure that the front page of your electronic health record (EHR) serves as the source of truth it’s intended to be by looking at how to define organizational goals, create a governance task force, and establish rules of engagement for the problem list.

2. The times they are a’ changin’: The impact of case duration inaccuracies on surgical departments | Insight brief

Learn how simplified clinical documentation workflows can impact both schedulers and OR staff; why a granular level of specificity is the key to accurate case duration estimations; and increase your understanding of the financial effects of poor OR scheduling.

3. The downstream impacts of a dirty data lake and how data normalization can help | eBook

This eBook explores the need for data normalization, the negative impacts of dirty patient data, and how solutions that harness the power of a robust and granular clinical terminology can help enrich data to ensure both its completeness and accuracy.

4. Focus on health disparities: Screening and responding to SDOH | White paper

Healthcare providers must screen for and measure social determinants of health (SDOH) to increase health equity, but challenges in standardization and alignment lie ahead.

5. A guide to HCCs for CMS and HHS – and how RAF scores relate | Guide

Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) are critically important for billing and reimbursement needs. Our guide takes a look at how both CMS and HHS use HCCs, along with the role RAF scores play.

6. What’s next for the CMIO? | Insight brief

In this insight brief, we asked 10 CMIOs from across the country to answer one question: How will the role of the CMIO change in the years ahead, and what challenges or opportunities will this present?

7. The problem list toolkit | eBook

The problem list is supposed to help clinicians quickly get up to speed on a patient’s condition, but in practice, it’s a little more complicated. Luckily, IMO’s toolkit contains over a dozen resources to help organizations of any size address some of the most common problem list problems.

8. Understanding payment models and value-based care | eBook

Want to move toward value-based care (VBC) systems in your organization, but overwhelmed by all the information? This eBook breaks VBC down – with an acronym glossary to help keep everything straight.

9. Mirror, mirror: Healthcare data quality and the elusive digital twin | Insight brief

From labs and meds to diagnoses and genomics, there’s an abundance of data in the medical record. But making sense of that information and using it to paint a true picture of a patient’s health remains a significant challenge.

10. Labs, meds, and data quality: Taming complexity through normalization | White paper

Data about lab tests and patient medications may be some of the most complex information to share across health IT platforms. We explore the reasons for this challenge and how terminology-based normalization can help.

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