That’s a wrap! IMO’s 10 most insightful webinars of 2022

That’s a wrap! As 2022 draws to a close, we’re rounding up our top content of the year. First up? Our 10 most insightful webinars.

From Spotify Wrapped to whatever Apple Music’s version of that is to actual wrapping paper, all signs point to 2022 steadily winding down.

In the spirit of reflection, we decided to look back on the last year of content here at IMO – including blogs, webinars, eBooks, whitepapers, and more – to round up our most listened to songs engaging content.

First up? The 10 most insightful IMO webinars of 2022!

All the content below is available on-demand, save for #10 which is upcoming – but surely a must-attend. Click the title for each and you’re on your way.

1. Strategies for improving data quality in your health system:

In this webinar, we speak to leaders who are focused on increasing clinicians’ confidence in their data to ensure they feel safe making decisions based on that information. This powerhouse panel includes Chief Medical Information Officers (CMIOs) from UPMC and The MetroHealth System, along with BJC’s Chief of Clinical Informatics and IMO’s Chief Strategy Officer.

2. Undercoded & underpaid: Making it easier to document to optimize reimbursement:

It’s no secret that imprecise coding can negatively impact an organization’s reimbursement. But how can clinicians more easily document with the required granularity while connecting to the appropriate administrative codes? This webinar provides solutions.

3. CMIO 3.0: What’s next for the CMIO?:

From the history of the CMIO role to how the next generation of leaders are shepherding healthcare towards ever-advancing technological capabilities, this webinar examines the connections between clinical informatics, analytics, population health, quality improvement, and the CMIO.

4. Cultivating gender equity in STEM:

Did you know that women account for nearly 50% of the US workforce, but only make up 27% of the STEM workforce? See what this panel of distinguished women had to say about mentorship and STEM education, addressing salary gaps, and debunking gender stereotypes.

5. In praise of the problem-oriented medical record (POMR):

When organized and meaningful, the problem list can positively impact the overall health of a patient. But to work effectively, clinicians must understand POMR documentation best practices and have access to tools that help improve workflows.

6. How to make the most of data in value-based care:

In this session, executives from Flatiron Health, IMO, and Oracle share practical tools that providers can leverage to make the most of their organizations’ data. They touch upon the role of leaders in this work and their thoughts on the future of value-based care.

7. The impact of your surgical procedure list on case durations and scheduling accuracy:

Surgical scheduling may seem like an easy task, but that’s often not the case. Listen as experts from IMO and Caresyntax discuss the financial implications of case duration inaccuracies; the importance of a well-maintained surgical dictionary; and how to identify poor quality surgical scheduling data.

8. Will Genetics and Genomics Deliver Precision Health?:

In this webinar, leading professionals discuss how widespread genetic screening programs can be incorporated into routine care, allowing patients to identify future risks and facilitating more effective personalized approaches to treat disease – or even to ward it off entirely.

9. Navigating healthcare’s data quality challenge: An actionable discussion:

Integrating disparate EHR data to achieve a consolidated patient record is a chronic problem in the US healthcare system. This webinar addresses the problems that result from disparate information; how the growing complexity of care delivery impacts patient data; and tactical approaches to help improve data quality in healthcare.

10. Highlights from the 2023 CPT® code set update

Listen to IMO’s top coding professionals and thought leaders discuss the most important changes to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set. This webinar reviews additions, deletions, and other revisions to the CPT code set and how to ensure you get reimbursed properly.

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