IMO CORE English-language solutions

Streamline clinical documentation and regulatory compliance

Easily document patient problems and diagnoses in the EMR while capturing better data – with English-language solutions built to address unique country needs.
EHR integration
Group of doctors from around the world
The Challenges

Providers struggle with complex EMR documentation

To ensure that documentation is accurate and complete, clinical staff often face complicated workflows that require more time searching and documenting – and less time spent on patient care.

Standardized code systems pose unique challenges

Numerous standardized code systems, such as SNOMED CT® and ICD-10, are required to support various healthcare functions. Each system has its own unique set of rules and guidelines which may lead to inconsistent and incomplete, patient records.

IMO Core standardizes clinical terminology and  code mappings in EMRs to simplify provider documentation, capture more complete and accurate problems and diagnoses, and increase interoperability, while supporting regulatory requirements

Enabling SNOMED and ICD-10 code capture in EMRs

Make documentation and search more intuitive

  • Let clinicians speak their own language while entering diagnoses
  • Capture clinical intent with the desired specificity and detail – with no or minimal clinician training
  • Automatically account for synonyms, spelling variations, and abbreviations, and enable hyper-specific terms

Capture more accurate and complete clinical details

  • Use terms that have more specific clinical information than SNOMED terms 80% of the time
  • Enrich your data with meta data included with every IMO term
  • Reduce time-intensive post coordination and incomplete cross walks

Improve interoperability with consistent data

  • Streamline data exchange using IMO’s global dictionary of clinical terms 
  • Ensure alignment with SNOMED CT and ICD-10 with continuously updated and validated IMO terms
  • Enable accurate quality reporting, population health analyses, clinical decision support, and care coordination
IMO clients access and manage clinical terminology, code sets, APIs, and IMO data quality management solutions through IMO Studio, a user-friendly platform with a secure experience, user-level entitlement, and audit logs.

IMO Core improves documentation and condition list management

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