Problem Lists and Documentation
IMO Core and IMO Discovery for Problems

Create, discover, and use better clinical patient data in your EHR.

IMO’s problem list solutions streamline clinical workflows to help clinicians document with specificity, manage medical problem lists, and uncover hidden insights to create a more complete patient picture.

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The Challenge

Complicated EHR workflows can impede patient data quality

The clinical workflows designed to document and manage clinical patient data can be disjointed and unnecessarily complex, inhibiting providers from delivering the best possible care.

These workflow challenges also affect data quality, with real downstream impacts on billing, reimbursement, quality reporting, and population health initiatives.

How we help

IMO Core

IMO Core simplifies documentation, problem list management, and access to clinically relevant patient data, ensuring high quality data, reducing the clinician HIT burden, and optimizing reimbursements.

IMO Discovery for Problems

IMO Discovery for Problems builds on IMO Core to surface patient data from previous encounters and unstructured clinical notes not documented on the problem list. It then flags the clinician as they work in the patient chart, helping to provide a more complete problem list.

Minimize disruption to clinical and operational workflows

Document with ease and specificity

  • Prompts for specificity and secondary codes
  • Flags unaddressed HCCs

Make problem lists more meaningful

  • Organizes and categorizes 99.9% of terms in problem lists
  • Contextualizes medication and lab results for 97% of problems
  • Cleans duplicate, outdated, and redundant problem list data

Capture accurate, detailed coding behind the scenes

  • Provides comprehensive clinical terminology mapped to all major global coding systems
  • Updated 5x per year to ensure compliance with regulatory standards

Obtain more patient insights

  • Easily find other long-term problems from previous encounters
  • Analyze data in unstructured clinical notes

IMO Core and IMO Discovery capabilities vary based on EHR channel and integrations

IMO helps my providers manage patient information seamlessly, from visit-specific diagnoses to the longitudinal patient problem list. It gives us a much clearer view of the patient while also identifying conditions which might benefit from proactive management. And providers can use their preferred clinical language for documentation while terminology is managed in the background. It's a winner from the bedside to the data analyst's desk and everywhere in between.

The numbers don't lie. IMO's problem list solutions can bring your organization measurable value by helping to:

  • Optimize reimbursement
  • Minimize denied claims
  • Reduce the HIT burden on clinicians

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