IMO Core

We’re here to help you make the most of the valuable data in your EHR.

Let IMO Core improve your workflows and ensure accurate documentation, so your focus can remain on the patient.

EHR integration
Clinical Interface Terminology
IMO Core is a clinical interface terminology (CIT) that includes a suite of tools to better manage diagnoses and patient problem lists in the EHR.

IMO Core supports care as you intended.

More Intentional Care

  • Provides a clean view of the patient problem list
  • Reduces time spent mining EHR data
  • Delivers content curated by a team of clinical experts

Credible Documentation

  • Allows for accurate reporting and documentation
  • Aligns clinician language with established coding systems
  • Maximizes reimbursements

Efficient Operations

  • Minimizes problem list maintenance
  • Promotes more efficient decision making
  • Eliminates need for in-house dictionaries
Clinical Interface Terminology IMO
We’re making EHR data more accessible so clinicians can focus on what matters to them and their patients – delivering excellent care instead of endless documentation.

IMO Core brings together a suite of tools in one comprehensive solution.

EHR integration

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