IMO Studio

Enabling a holistic clinical data quality strategy.

Efficiently access and manage clinical terminology, code sets, and data quality through a single cloud-based SaaS entry point to all IMO Health tools.

Leveraging next-generation technology and security in one consistent experience, IMO Studio delivers consolidated access to clinical terminology and standardized reference data, data normalization, and value set management.

IMO Studio Features

Cloud-based data quality management

Secure, unified experience

Access all IMO Health solutions and capabilities – APIs, files, and apps – through one entry point with user-level entitlement and audit logs

Efficient data management

Tools to access, customize, and deploy IMO Health terminology releases with supporting reference data, as well as normalize data, and manage value sets

Data quality assessments

Reports that evaluate how your data compares to that of your peers and flags opportunities to improve key metrics

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IMO Studio is now your one-stop access point to all IMO clinical terminology and standardized reference data.
IMO Studio combines next-generation technology, security, and a growing list of data management capabilities. Upgrades begin with Epic® clients in July.