IMO Precision Normalize

Deliver accurate, robust clinical patient data and insights.

IMO Precision Normalize standardizes and enriches disparate clinical data by comprehensively mapping it to standard codes. 

EHR integration
Clinical interface terminology
The Challenge

Patient data can be highly variable and inconsistent

Clinical patient data is a powerful resource in healthcare. But, as the healthcare IT ecosystem grows in complexity, data is more plentiful and problematic.

As patient data is extracted from and moves across various health information systems, it can become highly variable and missing key components. This leads to a drain on IT, analytics, and clinical resources, as staff must spend more time to manually fill the gaps.

How we help

IMO Precision Normalize efficiently standardizes inconsistent diagnosis, procedure, medication, and lab data from diverse systems into common, clinically validated terminology that is mapped to standard codes behind the scenes.

Meaningful insights start with quality data

Enrich clinical data

  • Comprehensively maps data to appropriate standard codes
  • Adds metadata to enable sophisticated analytics
  • Built on a dictionary of 2.9 million terms that considers millions more misspellings and abbreviations and maps to all major coding systems

Accelerate data readiness

  • Processes up to 300,000 terms per minute
  • Accurately matches majority of terms with a high degree of confidence to minimize manual review
  • Increase the accuracy of normalized data with an intuitive interface to review, accept, and adjust matched data as needed

Power accurate insights

  • Ensures data extracted from multiple systems is consistent and complete
  • Foundational terminology is curated by clinical SMEs, increasing the accuracy of terms and codes
  • Content is updated 6 times a year to be compliant with health system and regulatory requirements

IMO Precision Normalize standardizes inconsistent patient data from various sources to common terminology and codes.

IMO Precision Normalize
It’s hard to overstate the value of IMO Precision Normalize. And it's exciting to see how this solution is providing us with the power of automated normalization so we can really unlock new value from our data to quickly provide insights across the organization.

Check out our latest case study to see how Sharp HealthCare is leveraging IMO Precision Normalize to:

  • Reduce the burden of manual data standardization
  • Accelerate the delivery of analytics
  • Support high-quality patient care

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