Data standardization

Accelerate your path to high-quality, usable clinical data.

IMO Precision Normalize is built on domain-specific NLP to extract, standardize, and enrich free text and structured clinical data.

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The Challenges

Gaining clinical insights from unstructured text is challenging

NLP solutions must be trained in the complexity of clinical language to efficiently and effectively realize value from unstructured healthcare data. They need to be able to evaluate countless acronyms, abbreviations, and misspellings common in clinical parlance; understand the use of negation, specialty-dependent language, and time-based relationships; and identify relationships between words and phrases within a larger block of information.

Patient data
can be highly variable and inconsistent

Clinical patient data is a powerful resource in healthcare. But, as the healthcare IT ecosystem grows in complexity, data is more plentiful and problematic.

As patient data moves across various health information systems, it can become highly variable and lose key components. This leads to a drain on IT, analytics, and clinical resources, as staff must spend more time manually filling in the gaps.

How we help
IMO Precision Normalize is built on award-winning NLP to efficiently extract clinical concepts from free text data, seamlessly mapping clinical entities and structured data to standard codes for more accurate, complete, and usable data.

Create actionable clinical data

Gain deeper understanding of clinical narratives

  • Extracts highly-specific clinical concepts from unstructured text with domain-specific NLP
  • Identifies and connects clinical concepts and relationships across related entities
  • Detects a variety of contextual metadata including time orientation, negation, and body location
  • Rely on NLP experts to fine-tune and customize your pipeline to best support your requirements

Automate clinical data codification

  • Comprehensively maps structured and unstructured data to appropriate standard codes
  • Trained on a dictionary of 5 million clinical terms mapped to all major coding systems
  • Standardizes diagnosis, procedure, medication, and lab data from various systems
  • Ensures specific and accurate coding to optimize downstream data uses

Scale data standardization efforts

  • Processes up to 300,000 terms per minute
  • Seamless integration with APIs accessible through an intuitive
    developer portal
  • Flexible deployment with IMO Health-hosted and self-hosted options
  • Intuitive interface to review, accept, and adjust matched data as needed
  • Content is updated 5 times a year to be compliant with health system and regulatory requirements

Bridge the gap between free text and structured data

Streamline the standardization of inconsistent patient data from disparate sources and systems.


Flexible integration and comprehensive coding coverage

Enhance the value and usability of unstructured clinical data with IMO Health’s solution that’s built on award-winning NLP and trained on comprehensive clinical terminology and coding, with flexible deployment and integration options.


Local vs. cloud deployment

(AWS, Azure, GCP)

Software as a service

Comprehensive coding coverage


Problem domain

ICD-10-CM (default), ICD-9-CM, SNOMED CT®

Procedure domain



Medication domain

RxNorm® (default), NDC, CVX


Lab domain


SNOMED and SNOMED CT® are registered trademarks of SNOMED International. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. All rights reserved. RxNorm® is a registered trademark of the National Library of Medicine.

Learn how Sharp HealthCare is leveraging IMO Precision Normalize to:

  • Reduce the burden of manual data standardization
  • Accelerate the delivery of analytics
  • Support high-quality patient care

Latest Ideas​

By leveraging rich clinical terminology and IMO Clinical AI to train LLMs, the accuracy of medical coding can be greatly improved.
Avoid the downstream hazards of a dirty data lake and enhance data quality in healthcare with smart NLP and normalization strategies.
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