EHRs and Point of Care Solutions

Streamline clinical workflows and coding to enhance value

Integrate intuitive EHR tooling and comprehensive clinical terminology that improves the physician experience and optimizes billing.

EHR integration

IMO terminology solutions enable comprehensive documentation and simplify point of care workflows to help clinicians create and use better clinical patient data, helping your clients to work more efficiently and optimize their EHR investment. 


EHRs must meet the diverse needs of various stakeholders and systems.

The EHR is at the heart of health IT’s evolving ecosystem. From changing regulatory requirements to emerging technologies, you must balance priorities to ensure you are delivering a dynamic clinical tool that can facilitate a seamless revenue cycle, precise quality reporting, interoperability, and quality patient care across the healthcare continuum.
How we help

Clinical terminology solutions tailored to meet the needs of the providers you serve

Streamline your revenue cycle with industry-leading clinical terminology mapped to the latest regulatory codes

Make problem lists more meaningful with intuitive organization, clean-up, and filtering for related medication and labs

Enable streamlined HCC management and documentation to improve RAF scores

Optimize OR efficiency with precise terminology for surgical scheduling

IMO provides a clinical terminology foundation that ensures our customers have the most current and comprehensive clinical diagnosis language at their fingertips. Seamless integration with our Expanse EHR simplifies clinician workflow by automatically mapping familiar terms with the appropriate standardized medical terminology, helping our customers capture high quality patient data, optimize reimbursements, deliver quality reporting, and inform care delivery.

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