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Powering care as you intended.

We offer a portfolio of products from terminology dictionaries to value sets that are clinically-vetted, always current, and maintenance-free.

EHR integration
EHR Terminology
How we help

Leverage EHR data to deliver better care.

By powering care as you intended, we reduce your administrative burden and enterprise inefficiencies, clearing the way to let clinicians be clinicians.

Deliver Better Care

We ensure clinicians can follow their clinical intentions while supporting better care coordination and allowing more time for patient engagement.

Document More Credibly

We enable accurate reporting and care documentation across the continuum of care to maximize reimbursements and improve the accuracy of the EHR.

Operate More Efficiently

We power intuitive workflows grounded in clinicians’ language to drive more efficient decision making and streamline administrative processes.

Deeper Insights

We transform EHR data into a source of actionable patient insights to impact care, treatment decisions, and ensure a greater return on EHR investments.

When technology works well, it provides the information, analytics, and insights to deliver the best patient care and reporting. Too often though, it results in slow downs, resource inefficiencies, and coding distractions.
EHR Terminology IMO


  • Provides clinically-vetted terminology
  • Proactively identifies information gaps and improves data quality


  • Offers descriptions written in language that is familiar to clinicians
  • Maps terminology to 24 global coding systems


  • Aligns care with the most current clinical standards
  • Allows clinicians to focus on care rather than coding

Latest Ideas

When all the operating rooms aren’t a stage

When surgical schedulers don’t have the right clinical terminologies built into their EHR workflows, small inefficiencies – like case delays or preference card errors – quickly add up. And they’re not just frustrating in the operating room, they also wreak havoc on optimal financial return.

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Interoperability in Healthcare

Labs 101: A challenge for interoperability in healthcare

Most of us know that interoperability in healthcare is a challenge, but sharing one specific type of healthcare information – clinical laboratory data – is particularly difficult. For more on why this type of clinical documentation can turn into such a headache, check out the blog below.

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In My Opinion: Growing as a communicator with Kailee Lara

The fact that the letters IMO don’t just stand for Intelligent Medical Objects isn’t lost on this healthcare data enablement company. Indeed, we believe it’s high time IMO embraced our text-slang status and we’re doing just that with In My Opinion, an Ideas series featuring Q&As with IMO employees. The Client Services department’s Kailee Lara takes the July spotlight.

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Meet IMO Precision Normalize

Our new normalization engine for problems, procedures, medications, and labs.