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Extract meaning from medical literature, real-world evidence, clinical documents, trial protocols, and patient data.

Generate meaningful insights with greater accuracy and efficiency using proven solutions that combine leading clinical AI, domain-optimized NLP, and support from expert biomedical data scientists to meet your unique needs.

IMO Clinical AI helps inform critical decisions across life sciences use cases

Clinical trial design and optimization

Drug repurposing

Disease phenotyping and patient journey mapping

Public health sentiment and social listening

Systematic literature review

Proven capabilities

Biomedical ontologies and semantic expertise

Our models leverage deep semantic understanding and expertise to derive meaning from clinical and biomedical text, identifying complex concepts and relationships between:

IMO Health’s AutoCriteria system automatically extracts eligibility criteria, emphasizes contextual attributes, and can handle diverse diseases. In a recent study, the technology exhibited outstanding performance in the identification of criteria entities, attaining an overall F1 score of 89.42 across the various analyzed diseases. Read the research.

Our KnowledgeSphere framework has successfully been used to extract biomedical entities and relations from 35 million PubMed abstracts and achieve successful drug repurposing cases, identifying 43 million relations across 750,000 unique biomedical concepts.  Read the research.

The Patient2Trial LLM-assisted clinical trial retrieval system retrieves specific patients based on EHR data demonstrating promising performance in accurately matching patients to eligible trials. In addition, with access to provider search logs and expertise in precise terminology for rare disease patient and treatment profiles, IMO Health can identify medical practices, hospitals, and health systems that show higher incidences of patients to pinpoint for clinical trials.

IMO Health works with global pharmaceutical organizations to automate systematic literature review, accelerate the process for epidemiology-related publications, and optimize clinical trials. IMO Health solutions help quickly extract patient cohort details from trials, identify disease prevalence data, support study design, accelerate evidence synthesis and knowledge discovery, and inform public health initiatives and product development. Read the research and learn more about our solution.

Leading biomedical data scientists

Award winning NLP and proven results

Top-ranked algorithms and approaches for various clinical NLP challenges involving clinical documentation, biomedical literature, FDA drug labels, patent documentation, and real world evidence (RWE) data

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Read an excerpt from our latest white paper exploring how NLP and generative AI can be used to improve clinical trial design

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