IMO Core Periop

Optimize surgical scheduling and perioperative processes to improve OR efficiency.

Let us help you improve OR scheduling and procedure costs while complying with current perioperative standards.

EHR integration
Current procedural terminology

IMO Core Periop is a clinical interface terminology solution that helps surgical coordinators accurately schedule procedures to enhance perioperative workflows, optimize operating room utilization, and improve reimbursement.

Better care through better OR management.

Better Processes

  • Supports best practice naming conventions
  • Aligns care with current periop standards
  • Ensures clarity in EHR with standardized procedure lists

Enhanced Profitability

  • Maximizes reimbursements
  • Reduces procedure spend
  • Minimizes OR downtime

Improved OR Management

  • Improves OR scheduling and decreases delays
  • Optimizes time averaging for efficient block utilization
  • Ensures accurate room set-up
Medical coding software
IMO Core Periop brings together the unparalleled perioperative expertise of AORN Syntegrity® with IMO’s industry-leading medical terminology solution to help improve patient outcomes and scheduling efficiencies.
How we help

IMO Core Periop combines a surgical scheduling dictionary and the expertise of AORN.

Includes 2,600 evidence-based procedure namings as identified by AORN

Leverages IMO Core Procedure solution and AORN Syntegrity

Connects surgical procedures and workflows to standardized terms/codes

Inactivates irrelevant or out-of-date terms to align with AORN standards

Operating rooms, in all settings and at every level of volume, can benefit from IMO Core Periop. This surgical scheduling solution, grounded in actionable quality data, enhances the unique workflows and planning required for the perioperative environment.

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