IMO Core Periop

Optimize surgical scheduling and perioperative processes.

IMO Core Periop strengthens the surgical dictionary to help schedule procedures with greater detail, ensure OR efficiency, and maximize reimbursement.

The Challenge

Inconsistent surgical procedure data can create workflow inefficiencies

Procedure terms and their corresponding codes are regularly updated and modified when performing tasks like prior authorization, scheduling, measuring case durations, maintaining preference cards, and billing.

Without a well-maintained, centralized source of terms and standard codes, data becomes inconsistent and creates inefficiencies that impact an organization’s bottom line.

How we help
IMO Core Periop seamlessly maintains procedure terms, along with CPT and HCPCS code mappings in the surgical dictionary, for more accurate data that helps improve scheduling, optimize preference cards, reduce denied claims, and enhance operating room and surgery center performance.

Optimize your operating room terms

Trust comprehensive and current surgical terminology

  • Decreases duplicate terms and helps organizations with standardized descriptions and code mappings
  • Updates important annual CPT® and HCPCS releases automatically
  • 5000+ patient friendly terms that maximize patient clarity, experience, and transparency

Streamline workflows and improve efficiency

  • Integrates search support with aliases to increase usefulness of the EHR and reduce tech burden
  • Simplifies content upkeep with mapping tools for timely access to IMO-validated procedures and codes
  • Applies precise case durations to enhance OR utilization through granular terminology

Capture better data and maximize financial return

  • Flags inpatient only procedures during scheduling
  • Includes all applicable codes to ensure complete pre-authorizations
  • Improves alignment to preference cards to optimize OR set-up, procurement, and supply chain management

IMO Core Periop capabilities vary based on EHR channel and integrations.

Developed in partnership with the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, IMO Core Periop helps organizations improve scheduling efficiency and OR operations while upholding the latest perioperative nursing best practices.
Operating rooms, in all settings and at every level of volume, can benefit from IMO Core Periop. This surgical scheduling solution, grounded in actionable quality data, enhances the unique workflows and planning required for the perioperative environment.

Drive OR performance and outcomes across your organization

Perioperative services

Helps make connections between scheduled surgeries, overall OR operations, and revenue.

Medical informatics

Standardizes content, maintains codes, and minimizes effort when integrating data into the EHR.

Clinical teams

Eliminates breakdown between ordering and scheduling procedures to improve efficiency.

Revenue integrity

Reduces denied claims, enables detailed preauthorization, and maximizes reimbursement.

How well is your surgical scheduling data maintained?

Find out with a free assessment. IMO will review your procedure list file to determine data quality, identify downstream impacts, and recommend steps to standardize the information.

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