IMO Precision Sets

Simplify the process to create and maintain reliable patient cohorts.

We have a dedicated team of experts ready to answer your questions and help you along the way.

EHR integration
Medical value sets
IMO Precision Sets is a library of curated value sets that helps institutions and clinicians develop and implement outcome-based health initiatives by identifying, engaging, and analyzing patients with a variety of conditions.

Create reliable patient cohorts to unlock new value.

Informs care

  • Reduces false positives/negatives
  • Always current and clinically valid content
  • Supports accurate care decisions

Clinical efficiencies

  • Frees clinicians to focus on patients
  • Increases return on EHR investment
  • Makes clinical decisions more efficient

Risk mitigation

  • Lessens compliance risks from inaccuracies
  • Reduces reimbursement risk
  • Supports reporting and accreditation
Clinical terminology
IMO Precision Sets address the problems that plague typical value sets: they’re a drain on clinical resources, lack the required granularity, and integrate poorly with the EHR.

IMO Precision Sets extends the built-in function of EHR grouping capability.

  • Customized tooling superior to spreadsheet-generated value sets
  • Dedicated team of clinical terminologists
  • Superior clinical interface terminology (CIT) foundation
  • Seamless integration into healthcare IT applications
  • Continuous curation and maintenance of value sets
  • Rich and expanding library of use case-driven value sets
EHR terminology

Latest Ideas

Creating precise patient cohorts for chronic conditions

Value sets are powerful tools used to accurately identify patient cohorts. With use cases ranging from population health management, to billing and claims needs, to quality reporting initiatives, it’s hard to find a health system that doesn’t leverage them in some way. Find out how they can be employed when caring for patients with chronic conditions with IMO Precision Chronic Condition Sets.

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