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Simplify the process to create and maintain reliable patient cohorts.

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IMO Precision Sets is a library of curated value sets that helps institutions and clinicians develop and implement outcome-based health initiatives by identifying, engaging, and analyzing patients with a variety of conditions.

Precise care that unlocks new value.

Precise Care

  • Reduces false positives/negatives
  • Always current and clinically valid content
  • Supports accurate care decisions

New Value

  • Frees clinicians to focus on patients
  • Increases return on EHR investment
  • Makes clinical decisions more efficient

Risk Mitigation

  • Lessens compliance risks from inaccuracies
  • Reduces reimbursement risk
  • Supports reporting and accreditation
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IMO Precision Sets address the problems that plague typical value sets: they’re a drain on clinical resources, lack the required granularity, and integrate poorly with the EHR.

IMO Precision Sets extends the built-in function of EHR grouping capability.

  • Customized tooling superior to spreadsheet-generated value sets
  • Dedicated team of clinical terminologists
  • Superior clinical interface terminology (CIT) foundation
  • Seamless integration into healthcare IT applications
  • Continuous curation and maintenance of value sets
  • Rich and expanding library of use case-driven value sets
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Use case-driven IMO Precision Sets

IMO Precision Acute Condition Sets

An acute care management set for patients with an urgent medical condition​

IMO Precision Administrative Coding Assistance Sets

A suite of value sets for billing and error codes i.e. primary, non-primary codes ​

IMO Precision Behavioral Health Sets

A solution for mental health and substance use issues including opioid and alcohol

IMO Precision Chronic Condition Sets

A chronic care management set for patients with ongoing care management needs​

IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets

A suite of value sets for COVID-19 related problems and diagnoses

IMO Precision Effectiveness Reporting Sets

A solution that delivers HEDIS®* quality measures in a ready-to-integrate file format

IMO Precision Oncology Sets

An oncology management solution for accreditation, clinical staging, and patient cohort registry

IMO Precision Periop Sets

A solution for pre-surgical and post-surgical risk and problem management

IMO Precision Reporting Sets

A solution that efficiently aggregates third party value sets needed for regulatory reporting

*The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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The transition to outcomes-based models is a struggle for many healthcare organizations. In particular, authoring, validating, and maintaining precise value sets has proven to be a significant challenge. Learn how IMO Precision Sets, our robust value sets solution, helps healthcare providers inform quality reporting, support better clinical decision making, and understand patient populations while avoiding the resource drains and inefficiencies of DIY approaches.

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