Healthcare Providers

Create and use better clinical patient data

Simplify clinician documentation and gain greater value from downstream data with comprehensive clinical terminology, coding, NLP, and powerful data quality tools.

Integrated into all major EHRs, IMO Health’s clinical workflow solutions enable accurate documentation, and put the problem list to work for physicians. Our data quality solutions also extract, enrich, and standardize clinical patient data making it more useful for care delivery, billing, reporting, and population health.

Challenges and Solutions

Physicians waste time searching in the patient chart


Streamline key charting activities and make the problem list more meaningful. With IMO Core and IMO Discovery for Problems, clinicians can document diagnoses with detail and specificity while automatically mapping to the right billing and secondary codes behind the scenes; access clean and organized problem lists that highlight the most relevant information; and see critical details that may be missing from the problem list.

Coders must track down details retrospectively

Improve billing efficiency, reduce denied claims, and optimize reimbursement with more complete and accurate data captured at the point of care. With IMO Core, IMO Core Procedure, and IMO Core Periop, billing, revenue cycle, and CDI teams can save time and rely on data that incorporates detailed billing codes, secondary codes, and necessary specificity including HCCs and chronic conditions.

Inconsistent data can hinder perioperative processes

Improve prior authorization, scheduling, case duration accuracy, preference card maintenance, and billing with more reliable data. IMO Core Periop maintains clean, consistent procedures and associated CPT® and HCPCS codes within the surgical dictionary to enhance operating room and surgery center performance.

Clinically consistent profiles are hard to define

Produce and maintain accurate clinical groupings at scale for better patient cohorts, clearer insights, and compliant reporting. IMO Precision Sets streamlines the process of creating and maintaining value sets with an intuitive approach to identifying the exact codes for conditions, tests, and treatments that represent defined clinical concepts.

Critical patient data is buried in notes and missing codes

Reduce the time data science, IT, analytics, and clinical resources spend cleaning and structuring data. IMO Precision Normalize applies domain-specific NLP to efficiently extract clinical concepts from notes. It also seamlessly standardizes and maps clinical entities and structured data to standard codes for better data.
How We Help

Make your data more complete, accurate, and usable

Make the problem list work for clinicians while ensuring complete, current patient data with integrated EHR workflows
Improve efficiency across OR and perioperative processes with consistent surgical procedure data and coding

Define and maintain consistent clinical concepts for accurate patient groups with streamlined value set management tools

Standardize clinical notes and structured data for diagnoses, procedures, medications, and labs, with complete code mappings

Support meaningful insights across provider roles

IMO Health helps to capture, extract, normalize, and structure clinical data to support patient care and fuel reliable insights for:


Data and analytics teams

IT professionals and CMIOs

OR leaders

Quality management professionals

Revenue cycle teams

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IMO Health solutions can improve data quality, optimize reimbursement, streamline clinical and billing workflows, optimize your OR, and enable informed insights. Let us show you how.