Add up the value of improving EHR workflows

Learn how streamlined clinical workflows can help optimize your financial return. Add up the impact with the IMO value calculator.
Clinical workflows with IMO's value calculator

The EHR is an essential tool used to capture, display, and retain a wealth of patient data. Quality patient data starts with clinical terminology and without the right terms (and codes) captured at the point of care, secondary codes are missed, Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) go unaddressed and undocumented, and claims are more likely to be denied.

Luckily, there are clinical terminology and workflows solutions available, but most EHRs do not leverage them. These types of solutions integrate into the EHR and help document to the required specificity needed for reimbursement and simplify provider documentation. 

Indeed, when clinicians are given the right tools to create and access higher quality patient information, there is often a direct and positive impact on the bottom line. IMO’s new value calculator can show you how.

The value of streamlining clinical workflows

Using industry-leading terminology, IMO Core simplifies clinical documentation and problem list management so that clinically relevant patient data is easily accessible at the point of care.

The ripple effects are easy to add up.

Just input a few simple metrics (think number of physicians and annual patient discharges) and we do the math, estimating the value IMO Core can bring to your organization by:

  • Improving coding specificity
  • Minimizing denied claims
  • Improving risk adjustment factor scores
  • Reducing the HIT burden on clinicians

Try the calculator today for your customized report. What have you got to lose… aside from more reimbursements?

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