Clinical Terminology

By leveraging rich clinical terminology and IMO Clinical AI to train LLMs, the accuracy of medical coding can be greatly improved.
With our new name (IMO Health) comes a refreshed visual identity that mirrors the company’s growth and transformation. Learn why we’re changing
Understand how USCDI impacts data quality in healthcare by streamlining data exchange, thereby aiding patients and providers. Learn more in this guide.
Avoid the downstream hazards of a dirty data lake and enhance data quality in healthcare with smart NLP and normalization strategies.
Unsure which IMO Health solution fits your organization’s needs? Simplify your search with the IMO Health Product Finder.
Built on award-winning tech, rich clinical terminology, and proven expertise, IMO Clinical AI infuses our solutions, enhancing healthcare data quality.
Learn how Ozarks Healthcare employed IMO Health’s medical problem list tool to reduce redundancies and inaccuracies, boosting provider engagement and patient care.
Explore the challenges of data quality in healthcare and how to navigate unstructured data for more accurate "digital twins."
Each January, the Current Procedural Terminology® codes update for the coming year. In this blog, we’re rounding up five key insights.
Need help keeping track of which standardized code sets update when? Download our 2024 code calendar for a quick reference.
Electronic case reporting systems can help speed disease surveillance, but only if they’re capable of integrating EHR unstructured data – at scale.
When systems don't include specialized terminology like ICD-O-3.2, you may be missing the specificity required to support key oncology care and research

IMO is now IMO Health

New name. New logo. Same unwavering commitment to data quality in healthcare.