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Accelerate reporting, analysis, and the response to health threats with a solution that standardizes incomplete and inconsistent clinical data.
EHR integration
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IMO data quality management solutions leverage our deep expertise in point-of-care documentation to standardize inconsistent clinical data from diverse systems into consistent, structured, clinically validated terminology with the specificity required to identify cohorts and enable analytics.


Outdated public health systems slow efforts to improve health outcomes

The goal of the CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) is to make patient information more readily available through electronic case reporting (eCRs) and file standardization. But many providers rely on outdated, manual methods of capturing data, including pen, paper, and fax to report cases. These systems result in delays, underreporting, and incomplete data. Additionally, varied documentation at the point of care further complicates the task of effectively normalizing data for integration into a unified public health data system.

Data cleaning diminishes capacity for generating valuable insights

As patient information is extracted from various health information systems, it is common for data to be full of gaps, incomplete, and inconsistent. This can lead to staff spending excessive time cleaning and organizing information – slowing down decision-making and hampering efforts to monitor, track, and respond to incidences of specific diseases and conditions.
How we help

Meaningful insights start with quality data

Leverage IMO’s industry-leading clinical terminology and comprehensive code mappings, used in 80% of EHRs and comply with evolving eCR standards

Reduce the burden of manual updates through automated standardization of terms and codes such as ICD-10-CM, SNOMED CT®, RxNorm®, and LOINC®

Ensure consistency in diagnosis, procedure, medication, SDOH, and lab data extracted from disparate systems and sources

Reapply missing standard codes and add other metadata, like secondary codes, for deeper insights

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