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Improve the quality, usability, and value of clinical patient data.

We help capture precise clinical data at the point of care and extract, standardize, and enrich it across sources to power more informed decisions.

For nearly 30 years, IMO solutions have helped physicians document in their own words while capturing the right codes behind the scenes. Today, as the clinical terminology foundation in all major EHRs, 89% of US clinicians use IMO solutions.

The Foundation

Rely on comprehensive clinical terminology and code mappings


We are experts in the words and codes that describe patient conditions and treatments, from problems and diagnoses to surgeries, labs, and medications.

Always current

We help clients meet regulatory requirements, providing up-to-date support for standardized coding systems across the globe.

Meticulously mapped

IMO manages the complexity of 5 million terms and mappings to all major coding systems including ICD-10-CM, SNOMED CT®, CPT®, RxNorm®, and LOINC®.

Simplify Workflows

Streamline clinical point of care workflows

IMO point of care workflow solutions start with data capture, streamlining clinical documentation and surgical scheduling while collecting necessary specificity. With IMO, problem lists become more meaningful and clinically-relevant data is made more visible and useful, from patient care to billing and reimbursement.

Doctor and patient interaction

Problem lists and documentation

Simplifies diagnosis and condition documentation and helps make problem lists more meaningful.

Surgical scheduling and OR efficiency

Maintains the procedures and associated CPT codes in your surgical dictionary supporting surgical workflows.

Surgeon with patient on operating table
Medications and labs

Procedure documentation and coding

Provides comprehensive procedure, surgery, lab, and medication terminologies with billing and reference code mappings.

Improve Data Quality

Extract, enrich, and structure clinical data

IMO data quality management solutions improve patient data from multiple sources and IT solutions across the healthcare ecosystem. They apply natural language processing (NLP), normalize and add standardized codes, and simplify value set management – making data more complete, consistent, accurate, and usable.

Similar terms being normalized with more information

Data standardization

Extracts, standardizes, and enriches structured and free text clinical data with all relevant terms and comprehensively maps it to standard codes.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Efficiently translates free text clinical and biomedical data into accurate, structured information.

Doctor on computer speech being processed into columns
Patients with similar problems being grouped together

Value set management

Rolls up complicated and nuanced diagnosis terms into clinically consistent groupings and value sets.

Enable reliable insights and meaningful results

IMO solutions deliver measurable value. We help healthcare organizations minimize clinician HIT burden, reduce unnecessary care and charges, optimize billing and reimbursement, streamline data management, and inform better care.



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