IMO Core Procedure

Let us help you enhance the quality of your procedure documentation in the EHR.

We ensure your data is structured and organized, so you don’t have to maintain complex healthcare dictionaries.
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Clinical interface terminology

IMO Core Procedure is a medical procedure terminology that enables clinicians to select relevant procedure terms while mapping them to appropriate billing and reference codes.

Accurate documentation that maintains clinical intent.

More Intentional Care

  • Allows clinicians to use familiar medical terms
  • Maintains clinical intent for procedure documentation
  • Provides more insightful data analytics from the EHR

Accurate Documentation

  • Ensures accurate billing codes and payments
  • Maintains terminology consistency throughout the EHR
  • Spans across multiple code sets and system maps

Efficient Operations

  • Provides advanced procedure search capabilities
  • Minimizes time spent on maintenance tasks
  • Easily integrates with the EHR
Medical problem list
Creating an accurate procedure terminology requires dedicated technical, clinical, and coding expertise. That can be a drain on available resources. That’s why there’s IMO.
How we help

IMO Core Procedure improves the quality and structure of recorded data:

Content is clean and organized for current and future use

Proper structure, metadata, and mapping support better data analytics

Codes mapped by a team of credentialed HIM and laboratory professionals

Precise and granular language for increased specificity

Still wondering how IMO Core Procedure can help your organization?

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