Procedure documentation and coding

Standardize procedure terms, coding, and documentation.

We ensure your EHR data is structured and mapped to the right codes to minimize the maintenance of healthcare dictionaries and support reimbursement and reporting.

IMO Core Procedure maintains comprehensive, performable care service terms and code mappings in EHR dictionaries, supporting consistent clinician documentation and ensuring more detailed and accurate data.

Trust comprehensive, current procedure terminology.

Gain complete coverage of performable care services

  • Maps procedure, imaging, and lab results to applicable code sets 
  • Code sets include CPT, ICD-10-PCS, LOINC®, HCPCS, SNOMED®

Capture detailed coding behind the scenes

  • Supports accurate billing codes and payments
  • Maintains terminology consistency throughout the EHR
  • Spans across multiple code sets and system maps

Streamline workflows and efficient operations

  • Provides advanced procedure search capabilities
  • Minimizes time spent on maintenance tasks
  • Easily integrates with the EHR
Medical problem list
Creating an accurate procedure terminology requires dedicated technical, clinical, and coding expertise. That can be a drain on available resources. That’s why there’s IMO Health.
How we help

IMO Core Procedure improves the quality and structure of recorded data:

Content is clean and organized for current and future use

Proper structure, metadata, and mapping support better data analytics

Codes mapped by a team of credentialed HIM and laboratory professionals

Precise and granular language for increased specificity

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