Bridging the gap between clinical intent and healthcare technology.

Intelligently. Intuitively. Intentionally.


EHR integration
healthcare technology


In the early days of EHRs, IMO recognized the need to preserve clinical intent. It remains a driving force behind all that we do.


Collaboration is key: with our partners, our clients, and throughout the organization. It’s central to our success and seeds IMO’s culture of innovation.


IMO maps to all major code systems around the globe and provides over 5 million terms across our portfolio of products.

Why we care

Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle. It should pave a clearer path to better healthcare decisions and delivery.

We’ve entered an exciting new phase here at IMO – one focused on growth, building a winning culture, and relentless customer-centricity. There’s no team I’d rather lead and nowhere else I’d rather work.
While IMO is passionate about solving customer problems and enabling the professional growth of its employees, its willingness to empathize with them during challenging times is what sets it apart.
I really enjoy the people I work with. We have dynamic conversations around challenging problems. We’re able to work through different viewpoints to come to the best resolution. It is a blessing to be part of such a talented and caring team!
At IMO, we’re solving challenging problems in clinical interface terminology, and we’re doing it in unique ways while collaborating with great people. What an inspiring way to support and grow our industry.
Many employers say they support their employees both professionally and personally, and IMO proves this through its words and actions. This reminds me often that I am in the right place.
I believe that IMO provides a unique, intuitive, and foundational piece of healthcare and being a part of the great work IMO delivers to healthcare providers daily, makes me love my job day in and day out.
IMO prides itself on hiring not only top talent but creative thinkers. I have the pleasure of working with people who are not only the brightest in their function but who innovate to deliver critically important solutions to our customers and key stakeholders.
At IMO, I get the chance to work with the latest technology and services out there. Every day I help devise solutions for teams that will not only improve their products, but also make a real difference for our customers.
By ensuring that the patient’s story is not lost, the clinician has the best information available, and the data collected solves the most important challenges we face, working at IMO is one of the most meaningful things I can do.