Bridging the gap between clinical intent and healthcare technology.

Intelligently. Intuitively. Intentionally.

healthcare technology


In the early days of EHRs, IMO recognized the need to preserve clinical intent. It remains a driving force behind all that we do.


Collaboration is key: with our partners, our clients, and throughout the organization. It’s central to our success and seeds IMO’s culture of innovation.


IMO maps to 24 different code systems around the globe and provides over 2.4 million terms across our portfolio of products.

Why we care

Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle. It should pave a clearer path to better healthcare decisions and delivery.

We’ve entered an exciting new phase here at IMO – one focused on growth, building a winning culture, and relentless customer-centricity. There’s no team I’d rather lead and nowhere else I’d rather work.
At IMO I am not a number, and while we may be a smaller company, we are a mighty piece in the puzzle aiming to solve the challenges of healthcare.
Working at IMO allows me to collaborate with the brightest teams in the industry in a challenging, engaging, and high-performance environment as we deliver impactful products to customers.
IMO focuses on the premise of preserving clinical intent. We function at the intersection of medicine and technology which results in a holistic, carefully curated, and quality solution that provides tremendous value to our customers.
Every day I get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. At IMO, we work as a team, each getting to voice our thoughts and concerns openly, in order to make a great product.
IMO looks at the big picture of healthcare and provides products that bridge the gap between patient information and the clinician. Our technology protects the integrity of the health record and provides solutions for capturing clinical information.