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Clear the path to accurate clinical patient data

Efficiently standardize and group clinical patient data enriched with patient-friendly mappings and comprehensive billing codes.

IMO Health data quality management solutions standardize and structure inconsistent clinical data, add necessary specificity, and create clinically consistent cohort definitions to support risk management, value-based care, and member transparency.


Claims data alone cannot solve for price transparency

As part of the 21st Century Cures Act, the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access rule requires health plans to share data with members. Meeting these price transparency regulations raises new challenges when communicating clinical terms in simple language.

IMO Health solutions link clinical and claims data to patient-friendly language, simplifying connections across systems with comprehensive terminology naming conventions and mappings to all major industry code sets.

Effective risk management and value-based plans require quality data

As patient data is extracted from various health information systems and moves throughout the healthcare ecosystem, it can become highly variable, full of gaps, and lose key components. Staff time is then spent cleaning the data and manually replacing those missing pieces.

IMO Health solutions streamline this process, standardizing structured and unstructured data, and reducing the drain on data science and clinical resources.

How we help

Meaningful insights start with quality data

Rely on IMO Health’s industry-leading clinical terminology with comprehensive code mappings, used in 80% of EHRs

Reduce your team's HIT burden with precise matching, data validation, and simplified cohort creation

Ensure consistent diagnosis, procedure, medication, and lab data from disparate systems and sources

Increase efficiency with integrated APIs and tools to ingest, normalize, map, group, and manage data quality

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