Charting the future of healthcare with ambient AI

Ambient AI is reshaping clinical documentation, streamlining workflows, and has the potential to facilitate downstream use cases and accelerate innovation.
Ambient AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping industries and daily tasks, and promising to boost productivity by automating activities that are routine and time-consuming for humans. In healthcare, one quickly growing application is ambient clinical documentation or AI scribes. According to a recent AMA survey, 54% of physicians expressed enthusiasm about AI reducing the administrative burden of documentation.

Ambient AI documentation tools enable clinicians to transcribe patient conversations, summarize the clinical content, and generate clinical notes in real-time, without the use of a keyboard. This significantly reduces documentation time, streamlines workflows, and enhances clinician-patient interactions.

Accurately capturing patient conditions is crucial in healthcare, making the stakes quite high for this new technology. The complexities of clinical language pose challenges for existing solutions to accurately identify all of the relevant clinical details in the transcript. Additionally, many ambient documentation tools lack the ability to comprehensively add highly-specific clinical codes to notes, limiting their quality and the downstream use of this data.

Future advancements of ambient AI hinge on its capability to convert text into structured, coded clinical data while incorporating additional context from the patient record. This structured data must be highly specific, contextualized against the patient’s longitudinal data, and accurately coded. Once this is achieved, ambient AI can support more advanced clinical data applications and facilitate reimbursement activities, quality reporting, and population health initiatives at a deeper level.

IMO Health solutions are uniquely positioned to advance ambient AI with rich clinical terminology, a deep understanding of documentation workflows, and award-winning natural language processing (NLP) models. Our extensive terminology and NLP solutions power the extraction of highly-specific clinical concepts from free-text summary notes and transcripts, ensuring each concept is accurately mapped to the appropriate billing codes. Trusted APIs automate clinical concept refinement, capturing more detailed diagnosis information. And IMO Health’s point-of-care workflow solutions streamline clinical documentation, uncovering hidden insights to create a comprehensive patient picture.

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