Melax Tech Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Extract greater value from textual data to solve real-world problems.

Efficiently translate free text clinical and biomedical data into accurate, structured information you can use.
EHR integration
The Challenge

Gaining clinical insights from unstructured text is costly and time-consuming

To be effective, NLP solutions must be trained in the complexity of clinical language. They need to be able to evaluate countless acronyms, abbreviations, and misspellings common in clinical parlance; understand the use of negation, specialty-dependent language, and time-based relationships; and identify relationships between words and phrases within a larger block of information.

Trusted by more than 650 organizations, Melax Tech NLP solutions provide proven tools and expertise to improve the value and usability of unstructured clinical data for more accurate and effective real-world evidence, cohort discovery, clinical trials optimization, knowledge integration, and more.

NLP Features

Comprehensive NLP toolkits and services

Clinical language annotation, modeling, and processing

Rely on a powerful and efficient NLP engine and software for accurate clinical information recognition, automatic end coding, and more reliable information

Literature annotation and model training

Develop and implement literature review and annotation for drug discovery, competitive intelligence, and candidate prioritization with a turnkey, team-focused application

Medical data extraction

Extract medical data accurately and at a fraction of the cost of other web-based products with efficient entity annotation and codification

Clinical documentation search

Quickly search millions of documents in EHRs to extract and analyze clinical information, support clinical decision making, and efficiently identify patient cohorts

Leverage more efficient NLP solutions and services, including:

  • A proven NLP engine and existing pipelines
  • Expertise from biomedical informaticists and data scientists
  • Flexible APIs and applications

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