The IMO portfolio: Improving data quality in healthcare

Built on industry-leading clinical terminology, IMO solutions ensure clinical data quality and integrity from patient to population.
data quality in healthcare

Patient data holds great promise for precision medicine and proactive patient care. But to use it to its full potential, healthcare data quality must go beyond good enough.

Unfortunately, data quality breaks down across the healthcare ecosystem in a number of ways, from cumbersome data capture at the point of care to a lack of standardization in data storage to inconsistencies in data transfer across health systems, health plans, and life science organizations.

And underlying it all is a fundamental challenge – the complex web of words and phrases used to describe a patient’s health and treatments that is inextricably linked to numerous, evolving coding systems.

A unique approach to healthcare’s data quality problem

IMO solutions help to enhance and streamline clinical workflows at the point of care and standardize patient condition and treatment data – creating high quality, trustworthy data. Forming the foundation of our solutions is IMO’s clinical terminology. Integrated into the clinical workflows of all major EHR vendors, our industry-leading terminology is clinically vetted, always current, and meticulously mapped to the right standardized codes.

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Working for you at the point of care  

The key to ensuring clinical data quality is starting at the start, and IMO’s point of care workflow solutions do just that – streamlining data capture and simplifying clinical documentation, all while collecting essential specificity. These solutions make precise and clinically relevant data more visible and useful at every step, from care delivery to billing.

  • IMO Core | Simplifies diagnosis and condition documentation and makes problem lists more meaningful.
  • IMO Core Periop | Maintains the procedures and associated CPT® codes in your surgical dictionary to support surgical scheduling, workflows, and OR efficiency.
  • IMO Core Procedure | Supports documentation and coding with comprehensive surgery, lab, radiology, and medication terminologies and their billing and reference code mappings.

Managing data quality wherever it’s needed

As patient data is extracted from and exchanged among various health information systems, it can become highly variable and riddled with gaps. It is a pervasive problem that can lead to a drain on resources as staff time is diverted for manual fixes. IMO’s data quality management solutions enrich patient condition and treatment data, structuring it across disparate sources and IT solutions to make data more complete, consistent, accurate – and ready for analytics.

  • IMO Precision Normalize | Enriches disparate clinical data with all relevant terms and comprehensive mapping to standard codes.
  • IMO Precision Sets | Rolls up complicated and nuanced diagnosis terms into clinically consistent groupings and value sets.

Create high quality, clinical data you can rely on

IMO solutions deliver measurable value, helping healthcare organizations to minimize clinician HIT burden, reduce unnecessary care and charges, optimize billing and reimbursement, streamline data management, and inform better care.

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CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. All rights reserved.

SNOMED and SNOMED CT® are registered trademarks of SNOMED International.

RxNorm® is a registered trademark of the National Library of Medicine.

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