Workflow Improvements

A recent HIMSS Market Insights survey underscores significant gaps leaders face in managing data quality in healthcare.
Master your medical problem list and streamline clinical workflows with expert insights.
By leveraging rich clinical terminology and IMO Clinical AI to train LLMs, the accuracy of medical coding can be greatly improved.
Learn about the various tools necessary to achieve effective NLP in healthcare, focusing on the NLP development platform in IMO Clinical AI.
IMO recently surveyed 300 physicians about the challenges and opportunities surrounding medical problem lists. Learn key findings from the survey and discuss
Unsure which IMO Health solution fits your organization’s needs? Simplify your search with the IMO Health Product Finder.
Built on award-winning tech, rich clinical terminology, and proven expertise, IMO Clinical AI infuses our solutions, enhancing healthcare data quality.
IMO Core Periop users can now map perioperative content to Level II HCPCS codes for enhanced operating room efficiency and surgery scheduling.
Lauren Stockl, IMO Health’s Trade Shows and Events Manager, explores the top 5 trade show topics of early 2024, from AI to
Learn how Ozarks Healthcare employed IMO Health’s medical problem list tool to reduce redundancies and inaccuracies, boosting provider engagement and patient care.
To evolve beyond just improving dictation, ambient AI must understand the words being said. Steven Rube, MD, IMO Health’s Chief Clinical Officer,
Ambient AI is reshaping clinical documentation, streamlining workflows, and has the potential to facilitate downstream use cases and accelerate innovation.

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