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Fresh perspectives on clinical AI, interoperability, healthcare data standardization, and more, from the experts at IMO Health.

A recent HIMSS Market Insights survey underscores significant gaps leaders face in managing data quality in healthcare.
Discover how you can replicate The MetroHealth System’s success by leveraging accurate data to identify non-primary or unspecified codes – reducing the risk of denied claims or partial reimbursement.
Master your medical problem list and streamline clinical workflows with expert insights.
By combining research, tech, and clinical practice, translational medicine enhances patient care and disease management. Learn more in this handy guide.
By leveraging rich clinical terminology and IMO Clinical AI to train LLMs, the accuracy of medical coding can be greatly improved.
IMO Health will show how LLMs can enhance clinical decision-making and data quality in healthcare via large-scale oncology trial analysis at ASCO
With our new name (IMO Health) comes a refreshed visual identity that mirrors the company’s growth and transformation. Learn why we’re changing
Learn about the various tools necessary to achieve effective NLP in healthcare, focusing on the NLP development platform in IMO Clinical AI.
Understand how USCDI impacts data quality in healthcare by streamlining data exchange, thereby aiding patients and providers. Learn more in this guide.
IMO recently surveyed 300 physicians about the challenges and opportunities surrounding medical problem lists. Learn key findings from the survey and discuss
Avoid the downstream hazards of a dirty data lake and enhance data quality in healthcare with smart NLP and normalization strategies.
At ISPOR 2024, IMO Health’s Life Sciences team showcased AI’s power to enhance health decision making, advancing the field of clinical informatics.
As the NHL and NBA playoffs heat up, fans are glued to their screens. While we root for our favorite teams and
Learn the ins and outs of HCPCS codes, including what distinguishes them from CPT codes and how precise clinical documentation can impact

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