IMO Leadership

Steven H. Rube, MD, FAMIA

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Steven Rube joined IMO in 2013 and now serves as the Chief Clinical Officer. He contributes a frontline user’s perspective to IMO’s executive team. He also leads a team of clinicians and non-clinicians designed to take a proactive approach to customer service and sales both in the United States and internationally.

Steven has served as faculty at both Northwestern University and the University of Illinois medical schools. Prior to joining IMO, he practiced family medicine for 15 years in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. He also served as the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at a large urban hospital in Chicago. 

Steven attended Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and Northwestern University family medicine residency program. He is board certified in Clinical Informatics and is a Fellow of The American Medical Informatics Association.

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