Understand how USCDI impacts data quality in healthcare by streamlining data exchange, thereby aiding patients and providers. Learn more in this guide.
Lauren Stockl, IMO Health’s Trade Shows and Events Manager, explores the top 5 trade show topics of early 2024, from AI to
Integrating a healthcare data normalization engine into any health IT workflow is a big commitment. Check out our checklist of factors to
Ready to make complex clinical data usable? Learn how NLP technology, data normalization engines, and value set management tools can help.
Integrating NLP technology into any healthcare or health IT workflow is a big commitment. Check out our checklist of factors to help
See how health informatics is helping shape the future of healthcare with artificial intelligence (AI), precision medicine, and global outreach.
Electronic case reporting systems can help speed disease surveillance, but only if they’re capable of integrating EHR unstructured data – at scale.
Learn how CMS is attempting to tackle healthcare disparities by requiring organizations to collect more SDOH data.
IMO subject matter expert Amol Bhalla, MD, unpacks the complexities of achieving semantic interoperability in healthcare data and explain why clinically trained
When systems don't include specialized terminology like ICD-O-3.2, you may be missing the specificity required to support key oncology care and research
IMO has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) now available to Snowflake customers, to help streamline healthcare data normalization.
What can your health tech organization learn from the data quality challenges and solutions experienced in the aviation industry? Quite a bit.

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