We’re here to help simplify compliance with NHS documentation requirements.

Let IMO Core streamline clinical documentation so providers in the United Kingdom can focus on care, not coding.
EHR integration

IMO Core is a clinical interface terminology (CIT) solution that includes a suite of tools that make it easy for providers to accurately capture and manage patient problems and diagnoses in the electronic patient record.

IMO Core supports care as you intended.

Simplify documentation workflow

  • Save time with an intuitive search and clinical documentation experience
  • CHKS-validated term maps ensure alignment and compliance with ICD-10

Deliver better, more intentional care

  • Accurate documentation facilitates deeper patient insights
  • Build a clinically meaningful patient record over time

Accelerate interoperability and informatics

  • Improve care coordination and continuity with accurate documentation
  • Enable better CQUIN reporting and clinical decision support
Approximately 300,000 clinically intuitive terms make it easy for providers to comply with NHS requirements and document with accuracy and specificity.

IMO Core simplifies documentation and condition list management.

This product is for trusts and providers in the United Kindgom. Please click

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