That’s a wrap! IMO’s most noteworthy blogs of 2022

And that’s a wrap! As we all prepare to bid farewell to 2022, join us in looking back at some of IMO’s most noteworthy blogs of the year.

We’ve rounded up some of IMO’s standout posts from 2022, but before we send you scrolling a few words of thanks. First, to our readers. Whether you’re new to IMO or a regular visitor, thank you for being here. We hope you find that time on the Ideas blog is time well spent. And second, to our contributors from across IMO. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights, and passion to help create content that really matters.

Click on the titles below for the best of this year’s blogs.

1. IMO’s exciting next stage of growth:

Used behind the scenes in every major EHR across the country, IMO is accustomed to playing a pivotal role with little fanfare. But our acquisition by THL Partners back in May was definitely cause for celebration. Read CEO Ann Barnes’ take on how this exciting development will help IMO scale, innovate, and make a powerful impact beyond the provider market.

2. Five things to know about HCCs and EHR workflows:

We understand that watching a webinar can sometimes feel like a major time commitment. This blog eliminates the need to find a spare 45 minutes and whittles an important topic down to a three-minute read. Now that’s more like it. Read the top five takeaways from our webinar: How to better identify HCCs in the EHR.

3. Case study: Optimizing OR scheduling and perioperative workflows:

In health IT, IMO is synonymous with clinical terminology. But the implications of that expertise aren’t always apparent. We partnered with Piedmont Healthcare to share how they leveraged IMO’s surgical terminology – mapped to the right CPT® codes – to help optimize surgical scheduling and OR workflows.

4. The origins of the shift toward value-based care:

IMO’s Government and Standards Director explores the impetus and early days of VBC – but she doesn’t stop there. This three-blog series also breaks down payment models and mechanisms, along with plans to increase engagement in VBC. Get started with post #1.

5. Filling in gaps in the medical problem list:

A number of problems plague the problem list, but of particular concern are phantom or “undocumented” problems – though this label may be a misnomer. Often, problems are documented somewhere on the patient’s chart, just not where they belong. This blog explores this issue and how NLP and other technologies can help.

6. Data quality is the key to semantic interoperability:

Interoperability in healthcare requires three interdependent layers: technical, syntactic, and semantic interoperability. Over the years, significant strides have been made with the first two levels, but semantic interoperability remains a challenge. IMO’s VP of Product Strategy explores why.

7. IMO employees…in their own words:

When your company name is also a popular acronym, you thank your lucky stars it’s not SMH…or worse! In our case, you also parlay it into a popular monthly video series where employees take the spotlight to share a bit about their lives, jobs, pets, work-from-home fashion, houseplants, and more. Meet the best of us with In My Opinion.

8. Natural Language Processing 101: A guide to NLP in clinical documentation:

The feedback is always positive on IMO primers and 101 blogs, so it was no surprise that this guide to natural language processing in clinical documentation resonated with so many readers. Check out the article for seven straightforward questions and answers on this hot topic.

9. Toward a more fair and equitable clinical terminology:

As expectations for diversity and inclusion grow, the words we use must be weighed carefully – in every context. Learn how IMO is welcoming this challenge and answering the call for more fair and equitable clinical terminology across the healthcare ecosystem.

10. Choose your own adventure

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to blog content, so we’ll leave this last link in your capable hands. We hope you close out 2022 learning something new from IMO, whether it’s about clinical terminology, patient-generated data, social determinants of health, or anything else that piques your interest and furthers your understanding of data quality in healthcare.

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