Demystifying value set management through improved data quality

In health informatics, accurate value set management is the key to efficiently identifying patients within a target population, simplifying a historically complex process.
Value Set Management

Whether you’re thinking about the importance of various healthcare initiatives such as population health management, quality reporting, or clinical trials, value sets are an essential tool for their success. 

However, without the right solution(s) in place, the work to create, organize, and maintain value sets can be highly manual and labor-intensive.  This is in part due to process inefficiencies and data ambiguity stemming from inconsistent methods for value set updates and definitions, as well as a lack of centralized storage. 

Fortunately, IMO Precision Sets can help overcome those challenges. 

Why precision is perplexing 

Creating and managing value sets is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. While selecting codes from systems like ICD-10-CM, SNOMED CT®, or LOINC® may seem straightforward, challenges such as incomplete clinical details, diverse data sources, and inadequate data management can present difficulties, even for the most sophisticated organizations. 

Enhanced value set management 

IMO Precision Sets takes an innovative approach to value set management, streamlining and standardizing the essential tasks organizations undertake to compile and maintain sets of problem, diagnosis, lab, medication, and procedure codes.  

This solution combines hundreds of pre-built value sets with an unparalleled cloud-based editing and maintenance tool, empowering professionals – from clinicians to informaticists to data analysts – to dedicate less time to data cleaning and cataloging and focus instead on gathering actionable insights derived from standardized information. 

With IMO Precision sets, organizations can: 

  • Refine the creation of precise value sets through efficient code selection 
  • Improve collaboration and maximize staff bandwidth 
  • Simplify value set management and support data governance 

To explore the full capabilities of IMO Precision Sets and learn how it can improve your organization’s data management practices: 

Or, sign up for a personalized demo from our team here.

SNOMED and SNOMED CT are registered trademarks of SNOMED International 

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