Value Sets

Learn how value sets impact data use and EHR workflows, plus how organizations can enhance their creation and maintenance with innovative tools.
Ready to make complex clinical data usable? Learn how NLP technology, data normalization engines, and value set management tools can help.
See how health informatics is helping shape the future of healthcare with artificial intelligence (AI), precision medicine, and global outreach.
In health informatics, accurate value set management is the key to efficiently identifying patients within a target population, simplifying a historically complex
Meet our new solution that simplifies the creation, organization, and maintenance of value sets.
Using value sets for cohorting patients who share clinical characteristics is both essential and burdensome for many healthcare stakeholders. Here’s why.
IMO Precision Sets is streamlining the creation and maintenance of value sets to help healthcare organizations identify more reliable patient cohorts.
New product offerings leverage IMO’s foundation in clinical terminology and coding to benefit other areas of the healthcare ecosystem.
Explore the importance of value sets in healthcare data. Learn how they improve patient care, drive interoperability, and ensure accurate reporting.
Duke Health’s IMO-enabled computational phenotype has dramatically improved their ability to quickly and accurately identify specific patient cohorts.
For unvaccinated individuals – who make up over half the country – a return to normal may be one of the most
Creating a certifiable vaccine card for COVID-19 within the US is a complicated process. But taking these passes worldwide presents a whole