IMO Precision Sets: Streamlining value set management

Meet our new solution that simplifies the creation, organization, and maintenance of value sets.
value set management

The ability to accurately categorize and manage patient data has never been more critical to the healthcare industry. It is also a task that’s increasingly difficult to accomplish.

Enter IMO Precision Sets, an innovative solution that can transform value set creation, collaboration, and maintenance. Addressing the complex challenges of accurately grouping patient populations for quality reporting, reimbursement, and research, this solution presents a game-changing approach.

In IMO’s on-demand webinar, Introducing IMO Precision Sets: A better way to create, organize, and maintain value sets, our experts outline the difficulties organizations face when it comes to value set creation and provide an in-depth demonstration of how IMO Precision Sets can support your data management practices.

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Data management challenges in healthcare

IMO Product Manager, Mamtha Mishra, highlights the complexities and inefficiencies of the current process for creating and maintaining value sets in healthcare. She discusses various challenges in healthcare workflows, including the need for complex collaboration to create accurate value sets, the complications that arise from a lack of standardized processes, and the issue of code set updates that result in outdated codes.

In fact, before HIMSS 2023, IMO collaborated on a survey concerning the quality of patient data and its potential to enhance clinical and financial decision-making in healthcare. About 45% of participants stressed data-related challenges like management, fragmentation, and optimization as major concerns. And a staggering 90% of provider leaders acknowledged experiencing revenue loss or leakage due to inefficient data utilization. Mamtha emphasizes the importance of a solution like IMO Precision Sets to streamline processes – like standardization, governance, and maintenance – to enhance data management.

Level up your value set creation

With this enhancement to your tech stack, your organization can improve collaboration by providing a uniform view to both data analysts and clinicians, facilitating joint endeavors in constructing and finalizing value sets. 

Additionally, IMO Precision Normalize streamlines the process of curating value sets, ensuring the currency and clinical validity of value set data, and reducing instances of false positives and negatives, thereby supporting informed clinical decision-making. 

Feedback from users

Dan Exley, MMI, FABC, ACHIP, Vice President of Clinical Systems at Sharp HealthCare, praises IMO Precision Sets for transforming the way his team engages with value sets. He points out that despite being underutilized previously, interaction with the Value Set Authority Center has been simplified by IMO Precision Sets, thanks to its streamlined approach to industry-based terminologies. The tool empowers his team to personalize value sets, streamlines the review and governance process, and facilitates effortless export into EHR systems. Exley spotlights the transformative nature of the tool, which now accomplishes tasks that once demanded significant staff resources.

To explore the capabilities of IMO Precision Sets and learn how it can improve your organization’s data management practices:

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