IMO Clinical AI: Driving superior healthcare data quality

Built on award-winning tech, rich clinical terminology, and proven expertise, IMO Clinical AI infuses our solutions, enhancing healthcare data quality.
Healthcare Data Quality - Clinical AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a magic box or a black box. It needs a combination of the right technology, the right people with the right skillsets, and the right content to really work. That said, all AI projects fundamentally have three requirements:

1. Objective

A clearly stated goal to achieve, such as what is the problem statement or business objective?

2. Algorithm

Identification of the best kind of algorithm to solve the problem statement. For example, information extraction from clinical documents and summarization of information from clinical documents require different kinds of algorithms.

3. Data

Since AI is fundamentally about learning from examples – both from the past and real time – data is required as the fuel to power the algorithm.

The building blocks of IMO Clinical AI

IMO Health is committed to responsibly infusing AI capabilities into its products. IMO Clinical AI is the foundation of our solutions and brings together technology, content, and people. To that end, it consists of:

Comprehensive and detailed clinical terminology and coding

  • IMO Health content that is curated, organized, and represented in ways that will enable LLMs to provide accurate, defensible, and believable answers.

Award-winning technology that outpaces a generic approach. This includes:

  • An AI development platform to help train machine learning (ML) models and construct natural language processing (NLP) pipelines for various healthcare use cases.
  • An architecture to leverage the power of large language models (LLMs). When needed, LLMs are employed in a cost-effective way to answer questions that are beyond the capabilities of traditional algorithmic and ML approaches.

Proven expertise that ensures accountable AI

  • The “human element” that recognizes that deployment of AI powered healthcare solutions requires human resources with a very specialized set of skills including NLP architects, semantic architects, clinical experts and annotators, and data scientists.

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