Boost surgery scheduling, efficiency, and claims accuracy with HCPCS coding

IMO Core Periop users can now map perioperative content to Level II HCPCS codes for enhanced operating room efficiency and surgery scheduling.
Surgery scheduling

You asked, we answered. IMO Core Periop now maps your perioperative content to Level II HCPCS codes for easier clinical documentation and identification of certain procedures, supplies, products, and services.

For years, IMO Core Periop has ensured seamless CPT® code management to help organizations schedule with greater accuracy, streamline OR workflows, and optimize reimbursement. But until now, surgical schedulers and coders have had to reference other resources to capture unique HCPCS codes.

While necessary for accurate claims and reimbursement, getting codes for procedures not in CPT, along with equipment, supplies, and non-physician services can be time-consuming and error prone.

Now, IMO Core Periop – our surgical scheduling and OR efficiency solution – offers much-needed assistance.

Starting today, organizations that use IMO Core Periop will gain access to this free enhancement, enabling them to seamlessly capture applicable HCPCS codes for surgical procedures. IMO Core Periop helps maintain a clean, comprehensive surgical scheduling master file with procedure terms and code mappings for both CPT and HCPCS.

By presenting HCPCS codes alongside standard CPT codes in EHR scheduling workflows, clinicians and schedulers easily capture an increased level of detail for each procedure without the burden of separately searching for and maintaining HCPCS codes.

With HCPCS in IMO Core Periop you can:

  • Improve data accuracy and efficiency: Easily select appropriate HCPCS codes right from the scheduling interface to save time and improve data accuracy for case duration, supplier contract management, OR analytics, and more.
  • Align OR set-up and supply chain management: Pick the right equipment and supplies and empower OR managers to maintain accurate inventories, forecast demand, and streamline procurement.
  • Reduce denials and optimize reimbursement: Minimize the chance of missing or incorrect HCPCS information and receive payment for all services rendered and supplies used, including identifying additional inpatient-only procedures.

The integration of HCPCS code mappings into IMO Core Periop reflects our commitment to empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care while optimizing performance.

Ready to make your data more complete and usable? Schedule a demo of IMO Core Periop today.

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