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At IMO, our foundation is in clinical terminology, so it’s only natural that we’d be able to bridge the gap between medical coding terms and the language of love. Scroll down for a few ICD-10-CM codes that seem particularly appropriate on February 14th.
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AI is coming to a practice near you (if it isn’t there already). This primer helps explain NLP in healthcare and how different types of AI interconnect.
America’s got talent, and it’s Pat Lahlum’s job to bring it to IMO. Find out what makes our talented talent acquisition manager tick.
When systems don’t include specialized terminology like ICD-O-3.2, you may be missing the specificity required to support key oncology care and research initiatives.
IMO has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) now available to Snowflake customers, to help streamline healthcare data normalization.
In health informatics, accurate value set management is the key to efficiently identifying patients within a target population, simplifying a historically complex process.