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When systems don’t include specialized terminology like ICD-O-3.2, you may be missing the specificity required to support key oncology care and research initiatives.
In health informatics, accurate value set management is the key to efficiently identifying patients within a target population, simplifying a historically complex process.
Join us for an exclusive webinar introducing IMO Precision Sets, an innovative tool that can revolutionize your value set management. In this webinar, we will explore the capabilities of IMO Precision Sets and demonstrate how it can transform your organization’s data management practices.
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Learn how specialties like oncology, behavioral health, and dentistry require specific language for precise clinical documentation and why important data and downstream use cases can suffer without it.
When your EHR lacks specialized terminologies, a host of health IT initiatives suffer. Going beyond the basics improves clinical documentation and more.
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Documenting with specificity is key to successful surgical scheduling. Read on for a closer look at the role of precise terminology in an efficient OR.