Spotlight on data quality in healthcare: Five webinars to watch

Ensuring data quality in healthcare is an important task – yet difficult to accomplish. Our webinar series on data normalization is here to help.
Data quality in healthcare, a spotlight webinar series

When it comes to data quality in healthcare, normalization solutions go a long way toward helping ensure that clinical information is standardized – making it ready for a host of downstream needs. Indeed, it’s important for a range of use cases, including quality reporting, clinical trials, and population health.

In our webinar series, Spotlight on data quality, we dive into the most pertinent issues around patient data normalization in five short, 30-minute discussions. Access all of the webinars on-demand here, or check out each one individually below:

  1. Getting to the root of the data quality problem: This webinar looks at the root causes of inconsistent healthcare data, discusses how it can harm an organization, and explores solutions to the problem.
  2. Reporting on quality measures: This webinar looks at the impact of inaccurate patient cohorts on quality reporting measures and how normalized data can improve quality reporting and analytics initiatives.
  3. Managing high-risk patient populations: This webinar discusses how to enhance the specificity and quality of your foundational data and identify more precise patient populations, even with standards-based value sets.
  4. Maximizing revenue potential: This webinar looks at how data normalization services can minimize under-coded and missed diagnoses – including important Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs).
  5. Clinical research and trials: This webinar discusses the impact of patient data on clinical research, including common challenges posed by poor-quality data.

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