Steven Rube, MD, FAMIA

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The struggle to standardize clinical terminology in the UK

In the US, structured clinical terminology is integrated into most electronic health records. However, across the pond there is no standard clinical terminology that is widely being used for documentation. This means clinicians must often go directly to code sets such as ICD-10 or SNOMED®* to document clinical encounters. IMO’s Senior Vice President of Global Clinical Services, Steven Rube, MD, takes a look at the reasons for this difference in the capture of patient data from a clinical informatics perspective.

How the past informs the present: Lessons learned from prior outbreaks

When the medical community encountered the Zika virus outbreak in 2015, IMO was ready to help with new terminology to document the disease. We learned some lessons in that situation – ones that are helping guide our response to the current novel coronavirus pandemic. IMO VP of Global Clinical Services, Steven Rube, MD, explains our past and current responses to these crises, and talks about how what we learned in 2015 is informing our efforts now.