IMO, Snowflake bridge healthcare data standardization gap

IMO has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) now available to Snowflake customers, to help streamline healthcare data normalization.
healthcare data standardization

There is little doubt that achieving and maintaining quality data is top of mind for many organizations across the healthcare sector. That’s because poor quality clinical data can limit the potential of a myriad of initiatives, including stalling innovations in healthcare technology and delaying drug development. IMO joined Snowflake Marketplace earlier this year to help address this issue, enabling joint clients to improve clinical data quality in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Rather than spending significant amounts of time, effort, and money to improve the usability of this data, joint customers can now utilize a new API connector to easily and efficiently integrate IMO Precision Normalize, a solution that was developed to alleviate this burden.

This partnership enables our joint customers to quickly take data that is siloed and unlock its value by enriching and structuring it in an efficient and streamlined fashion – driving innovation faster.

IMO Precision Normalize, a data standardization engine, was recently updated with artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities which add the ability to ingest and standardize unstructured, free text data. 

“This milestone will help clients to drastically streamline integration of data quality tools to standardize and organize data directly into their data warehouses,” said IMO’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, Sean Brindley.   

To learn more about how to ensure your Snowflake data lake is clean and consistent, schedule time with an IMO expert.    

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