Welcome to IMO Health

With our new name (IMO Health) comes a refreshed visual identity that mirrors the company’s growth and transformation. Learn why we’re changing things up.

We’ve got some exciting news to share. IMO is now IMO Health.

Our company is evolving and we’re embracing a new name that reflects this transformation – one that connects us to our 30-year history at the cutting edge of clinical terminology while grounding us firmly in the healthcare industry.

Ambiguity to clarity

We know the letters “I-M-O” have always been somewhat ambiguous. For years, we’ve shared them with organizations from a variety of industries*, but the time has come for greater clarity; for a name that better represents who we are and what we can do.

IMO Health honors the foundational role we play in all major EHRs and the ways in which we are leveraging clinical AI to expand and deepen our impact across the healthcare ecosystem. IMO Health signals our commitment to enhancing the quality, power, and potential of clinical data in areas such as drug discovery, health tech, population health, and research. And IMO Health highlights the importance of our vast clinical and technical expertise.

A new chapter for IMO (Health)

In recent years, this company has changed dramatically. We’ve developed new capabilities, expanded into new markets, and forged new paths in health IT. Yet, despite these changes, one thing remains constant: our steadfast commitment to data quality and innovation in healthcare. We are the same reliable, innovative health IT business, but now with a name and logo that better reflect what we can do for our clients and partners and the vision of where we’re moving – together.

In addition to the new name, you may notice some changes to the website: a new homepage, new colors, a cleaner, sharper vibe. And we’re just getting started. We invite you to visit the site often in the coming weeks and months to watch the new brand really take shape.

Welcome to IMO Health. We’re glad you’re here.

Learn more about IMO Health and our portfolio of solutions here.

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