The medical problem list toolkit

Check out IMO’s toolkit for resources to help clinicians and health systems get the most out of their EHR’s medical problem list.
Medical Problem List

What do a shop vacuum, a wrench, and a flashlight have to do with your medical problem list? Well, nothing directly, but in our latest eBook, each tool is used to illustrate what’s needed to help fix common challenges that may plague your problem list.

In IMO’s Problem List Toolkit, you’ll find a host of resources – from articles to on-demand webinars to eBooks – that can help organizations of any size tackle issues like:

We’re not saying your problem list is broken. It may just need a little maintenance to reach optimal use. Look to the expert advice in our toolkit to get started.

Or, check out this excerpt from the toolkit on how to optimize HCC capture:

The problem

Accurate medical code capture is an essential part of securing proper reimbursement. It begins with the ability to document in the problem list with specificity, then  with the help of a robust clinical terminology  connects the clinician’s words to the right billing codes behind the scenes. It’s a  process that’s important not only for discrete patient problems, but also when calculating reimbursement for Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs), where care is more complex and inter-related.

Yet despite the importance of documenting HCCs, doing so can be a challenge. Without a mechanism to identify these conditions, HCCs are easy to miss, leading to a drain on reimbursement. Think of it like a leaky sink that allows HCC dollars to simply drip, drip, drip away. (Time to grab that flashlight from chapter one and take a closer look at the pipes).

The fix

Faced with a leaky pipe, an adjustable wrench can be indispensable. Tightening the joints may be all it takes to save the day – and the expense of hiring a plumber. For providers struggling to stem the costly trickle of unidentified HCC codes, a third-party tool built to recognize and flag potential HCCs in the problem list can be equally invaluable. Leveraging such a solution can help clinicians and health systems to get paid in a timely manner and keep reimbursement dollars flowing – in the right direction.

To access the resources that can enhance your problem list:

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