NextGen and IMO Core: A clinical documentation Q&A

Learn how to get even more from your NextGen EHR by making workflows and clinical documentation easier with IMO Core.
NextGen and IMO Core: A clinical documentation Q&A

To help clinicians focus on providing high-quality patient care, it’s crucial that clinical documentation and problem list maintenance are as effortless as possible. Fortunately, IMO Core allows NextGen users to simplify numerous electronic health record (EHR) workflows.

To this end, NextGen’s Wendy Coots and IMO’s Josephine Mazza hosted a webinar to share information on how IMO Core seamlessly integrates into your NextGen EHR and helps to improve billing, interoperability, and reporting initiatives by capitalizing on clinician-friendly search terms and up-to-date code mappings.

Learn more about the power of IMO Core in this excerpt from the webinar’s Q&A below:

Question: Is the Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) tracking a global setting, or can it be enabled at the provider level?

IMO: HCC tracking can be a global setting, or it can also be enabled at the provider level only. If you prefer to enable HCC tracking for specific providers instead of all end users, you can reach out to IMO support and let us know. We will apply that customization.

Q: We are planning an upgrade to NextGen’s spring release. Do we have to wait until after the upgrade to utilize IMO Core?

IMO: No, you do not have to wait until your EHR is upgraded to NextGen’s spring release. IMO Core is compatible with all NextGen EHR versions from 5.8.3 and above.

Q: We have new Physician Assistant (PAs) starting early next year.  Can we preload a Favorites list in IMO Core for them?

IMO: Yes, we can preload IMO Favorites for a new end user joining the organization. IMO only needs one Favorites list that is already built out in IMO Core to do so. We can then take that Favorites list and copy it to the new end user’s profile.

Q: Will the IMO Favorites need to be recreated if we upgrade to IMO Core?

IMO: IMO Favorites do not need to be recreated after upgrading from ProblemIT Plus to IMO Core. All IMO Favorites will automatically be available in IMO Core at go-live.

Q: Are the text fields customizable in the A/P Details section? Our providers like to document a lot of information in the patient or provider plans.

IMO: Yes, IMO Core is extremely customizable. Text fields can be maximized or minimized upon request. Please reach out to IMO support if you would like to make customizations to the text field sizes.

Q: How do you map the provider specialty to display the problem list appropriate for their specialty?

IMO: The specialty is at the template level for the NextGen encounter. We are identifying which specialty is selected at the start of an encounter on Intake or SOAP.*

Q: Do we have the ability to hide “unspecified” type codes and flags so that they don’t show up?

IMO: That functionality is not in IMO Core. However, that may be something that you choose to do within your NextGen environment.

Q: Our specialty is “ambulatory surgery.” Can you add a subspecialty if the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) is multispecialty?

IMO: Yes.

To learn more, watch the full on-demand webinar here

*SOAP: Subjective, objective, assessment, plan

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