Staffing, data quality, burnout are top issues among providers

IMO surveyed over 300 providers to learn more about their priorities this year, including data quality challenges, tech investments, and more.
data quality in healthcare 

IMO released the results of a new survey that uncovered a few surprising findings and some seemingly universal truths about the challenges US provider organizations face and how they plan to improve patient care in the coming years. IMO wanted to find out more about what providers prioritized while facing a myriad of internal and external challenges.

“Hospital providers face a lot of uphill battles – from data integration to clinician burnout – and this survey shined a light on how data integration can have a positive impact on patient care and day-to-day operations,” said Ann Barnes, IMO’s CEO. “It’s helpful to understand the most pressing needs as US provider organizations are making bold changes to improve patient care and are adapting their strategies faster than ever before.” 

Highlights from the report include:

  • 71% of providers cited maintaining or improving clinical care quality as the most important internal risk
  • 90% of provider leaders admitted to situations where they had lost or leaked revenue due to inefficient data use
  • 84% of provider organizations report working with more than 20 individual vendors, which can create a major integration and management nightmare for everyone involved

“This survey validated an assumption that we at IMO had,” said Dr. Steven Rube, Chief Clinical Officer at IMO. “That providers needed assistance to seamlessly integrate relevant clinical data in the care of their patients. The pandemic unleashed a torrent of investment in new healthcare software solutions, and provider organizations have struggled to understand which types of software will present the best ROI. IMO ensures clinical data integrity and quality—making patient information fit-for-purpose across the healthcare ecosystem.”

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