IMO releases 15 new coronavirus descriptors

On January 30, IMO released 15 new descriptors to help clinicians more accurately record diagnoses related to the 2019 novel coronavirus. Click here for the full story. For a full list of the newly-added terms, see the chart below.
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Image Source: Scientific Animations (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Diagnosis descriptions for 2019-nCoV
Infection due to 2019 novel coronavirus
Infection due to 2019-nCoV
Infection due to Wuhan coronavirus
Pneumonia due to 2019 novel coronavirus
Pneumonia due to 2019-nCoV
Pneumonia due to Wuhan coronavirus
Exposure to 2019 novel coronavirus
Exposure to 2019-nCoV
Exposure to Wuhan coronavirus
Real time reverse transcriptase PCR positive for 2019 novel coronavirus
Real time reverse transcriptase PCR positive for 2019-nCoV
Real time reverse transcriptase PCR positive for Wuhan coronavirus RNA
Suspected 2019 novel coronavirus infection
Suspected 2019-nCoV infection
Suspected Wuhan coronavirus infection
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