Creating precise patient cohorts for oncology

Precise value sets are powerful tools that can help identify accurate patient cohorts for a variety of population health and quality reporting initiatives. Find out how they can be employed for cancer care and management with IMO Precision Oncology Sets.
IMO Precision Oncology Sets

Identifying precise patient populations for initiatives like clinical trials or measuring value-based care performance is easier said than done. Tools such as value sets* can help in the process by creating order from an ocean of data, including medical problem lists and medical coding terms.

IMO Precision Oncology Sets is a suite of value sets that can be used to help identify, analyze, and engage oncology patient populations. With this solution, users can support CoC** accreditation, develop accurate patient registries for population health management initiatives, and readily document clinical staging at the point of care.

To learn more about the architecture and applications of IMO Precision Oncology Sets, and to see an example of the solution in action, download the Insight Brief.

*Epic users may know these as “groupers.”

**Commission on Cancer

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