Creating precise patient cohorts for chronic conditions

Value sets are powerful tools used to accurately identify patient cohorts. With use cases ranging from population health management, to billing and claims needs, to quality reporting initiatives, it’s hard to find a health system that doesn’t leverage them in some way. Find out how they can be employed when caring for patients with chronic conditions with IMO Precision Chronic Condition Sets.
clinical-terminology-chronic conditions

Identifying precise patient populations sounds fairly straightforward, yet many charged with this task soon find it’s anything but. Fortunately, medical value sets* can be used to help health systems find patients with specific conditions and classify them into groups. But not all value sets are created equal. Standardized sets, for example, are often poorly maintained or aren’t comprehensive enough to meet the needs of a health system or clinical team.

IMO Precision Chronic Condition Sets is a suite of value sets specifically created to solve this problem and help hospitals manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes or obesity. With this solution, users can develop accurate patient registries for population health management initiatives and effectively monitor outcomes.

To learn more about the capabilities and applications of IMO Precision Chronic Condition Sets, and to see an example of the solution in action, download the Insight Brief.

*Epic users may know these as “groupers.”

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