Patient Engagement

Learn how Ozarks Healthcare employed IMO Health’s medical problem list tool to reduce redundancies and inaccuracies, boosting provider engagement and patient care.
Communicating with patients shouldn’t mean settling for confusing clinical terminology. Learn how patient-friendly language is changing the conversation.
Learn about social determinants of health and why they’re key to fighting health disparities resulting from inequity.
Andrew S. Kanter, MD, and Steven Rube, MD, reflect on the early days of electronic health record (EHR) technology and what the
Healthcare providers must screen for and measure SDOH to move towards health equity, but challenges in standardization and alignment lie ahead.
The proliferation of patient portals and personal health records has highlighted the importance of capturing and standardizing patient-generated data.
Sometimes close enough is good enough, but for those capturing and documenting high-risk patient diagnoses in the EHR, added specificity is key.
Capturing social determinants of health (SDOH) enables the use of data to fight healthcare disparities that often result from inequity. Read on
When it comes to surgery, if something isn’t documented in a patient’s chart it’s as though it didn’t happen. Even the most
In December 2020, the FDA granted emergency use authorization for the first COVID-19 vaccine, initiating the largest inoculation effort in US history.
When access to healthcare services is fragmented – changing depending on plan types, insurance companies, and much more – patient care can
When we’re sick, many of us see a mix of primary care physicians and specialists – and sometimes just specialists alone. But

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