The importance of well-maintained surgery scheduling data

Is the quality of surgery scheduling data impacting your organization’s scheduling accuracy or causing increased denials? Find out with a free assessment.
surgery scheduling

The surgical procedure list in the electronic health record’s (EHR’s) scheduling module is a critical tool that contributes to – or disrupts – scheduling accuracy, perioperative efficiency, and revenue integrity. Without high-quality data, all those objectives can be negatively impacted. Whether it’s an overbooked OR schedule, incorrect preference cards, or the chronic challenge of denied prior authorizations, your data is likely the root cause — but also the solution.

Indeed, as organizations add services, remove obsolete procedures, apply code set updates, and integrate new sites, it’s no surprise that procedure list data can end up with:

  • Vague procedure names
  • Missing or incorrect CPT® codes
  • Duplicate terms
  • Inconsistent naming conventions

Figuring out how to even begin standardizing unruly procedure data can be daunting, but in situations like these, relying on an expert can be easier than going it alone.

With nearly 30 years as an industry leader in clinical terminology, IMO can review your procedure list file to assess data quality, identify downstream impacts, and recommend steps to standardize the information.

How to assess your procedure list data

To better understand the health of your surgery scheduling data, simply start by filling out this brief form. (Seriously, it’s brief. Only seven fields.)

Once the form is received, IMO will email the export and sharing instructions to you.

From there, we assess the quality of the data – including base procedure names and CPT code mappings – and identify possible side effects like workflow disruptions, denials, and more. Then, we will collaborate with your organization and share ways to improve the quality of your procedure list.

The best part of it all? The assessment is completely complimentary.

The quality of your procedure list impacts how effectively your organization can schedule surgeries or obtain authorizations, so don’t put off this important health check. Let IMO help identify data improvement opportunities that can optimize workflows for multiple stakeholders — from OR schedulers, to surgical staff, to revenue cycle management teams.

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