The clinical terminology behind the health IT curtain

IMO’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dale Sanders, highlights just a few of the secondary uses enabled by IMO’s comprehensive clinical terminology.

The image featured above depicts IMO’s granularity and relationship to ICD-10-CM and SNOMED CT®. The truth is, IMO’s terminology is more clinically relevant and granular than either of these standardized code sets for describing a patient’s diagnosis and problems – and that’s why physicians love it. The IMO “compound terminology mapping” also allows a patient’s diagnosis to be more completely described by mapping to multiple ICD and SNOMED codes.

Oddly, IMO’s diagnosis terminology is rarely leveraged for secondary use, but speaking as an analytics and data strategist person, IMO’s more relevant and granular terminology has all sorts of downstream value to more accurate patient cohorts. Consider this short list for starters:

IMO’s diagnosis and problem terminology, which supports all industry standards, is being used in EHRs that cover virtually every hospital bed and clinic in the US, plus 17 countries. But, at best, only 40% of those clients recognize the IMO brand. Part of my job at IMO is to educate the market about what IMO does now, and what’s possible with the untapped potential for that terminology in secondary use.

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