IMO releases new value sets to help with COVID-19 vaccination efforts

For much of 2020, the world waited with bated breath for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Now, with two vaccines approved for use by the FDA, attention is turning to rollout. Today, IMO is proud to announce the release of new value sets within our IMO Precision Sets suite that will help track and coordinate coronavirus vaccinations.

IMO is pleased to announce that effective today, January 8, 2021, our IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets will be expanded to include new value sets that help with prioritization needs related to COVID-19 vaccination, as well as long-term risks stemming from the novel coronavirus.

This offering, which will be available within our IMO Precision Sets web portal, will be released to customers free of charge. Our coronavirus-specific value set solution – part of the larger IMO Precision Sets offering – was initially released in March 2020, with the goal of helping providers handle workflow issues and manage patient cohorts connected to the new coronavirus. With two vaccines currently approved by the FDA and being administered throughout the country, IMO’s team remains committed to ensuring providers have the tools required to easily identify, monitor, and track their COVID-19 patient population – including vaccination history.

Importantly, the IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets suite now includes a Comorbid Risk category. Comprised of 26 individual value sets, this update allows providers to easily determine which patients may be at higher risk for complications from COVID-19, and who should therefore be prioritized to receive the vaccine. Additionally, a new value set offering within the suite is designed specifically to identify patients who experience adverse reactions to the vaccine. Finally, the IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets now includes a value set specifically for identifying patients with post-COVID-19 complications.

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