IMO asks: What’s next for the CMIO?

As medical technology has changed and evolved, so too has the role of the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO).

Given that CMIOs manage the information technology needs of a health system, it’s perhaps not a surprise that their role is constantly evolving. After all, technology in general is rarely stagnant – whether in the hospital or at home.

But along with needing to be nimble and adapt to new technologies, the modern CMIO also needs to manage the holistic implementation of that technology – making sure systems are sustainable; counseling providers on technological best practices; working to ensure interoperability needs are met; and bringing the focus of care to the patient, not the technology.

What’s more, CMIOs must often weigh the relative costs and benefits of any new technological upgrade – something that clinicians may not always keep top of mind. With all of these considerations to juggle, asking what’s next for the CMIO is perhaps a more relevant question than ever.

Watch our on-demand webinar CMIO 3.0: What’s next for the Chief Medical Information Officer, where Dale Sanders, Chief Strategy Officer at IMO, and Becket Mahnke, MD, CMIO and pediatric cardiologist at Confluence Health address this question and discuss where the CMIO has been and what the future may hold.

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