Did you know…? Facts and figures for the Year of the Nurse

2020 has been getting a pretty bad rap, but we’re thrilled it was named the Year of the Nurse. To celebrate this milestone, we gathered a dozen data points about this versatile profession. Go on, test your knowledge below.
2020 Year of the Nurse

Nursing has come a long way since the days of Florence Nightingale. Especially in recent decades, the profession has evolved and grown to include dozens of specialties, creating new applications for nursing expertise and new perceptions of what nursing is and can be.

Yes, nurses still do take the temperatures of feverish children in primary schools, and they still tend to those wounded in war zones. But they also work at medical coding companies like IMO. They consult on EHR integrations for sprawling health systems. They work in the fields of genetics, forensics, infection control, and informatics. The impact and influence of nursing is vast – and thankfully, it continues to grow.

To honor our nursing colleagues at IMO – and to celebrate the contributions of nurses everywhere – we gathered a few facts and figures for the infographic below. 

(To hear from more from the outstanding nurses on IMO’s staff, check out our chats with Lou Ann Montgomery, Whitney Mannion, David Bocanegra, and Julianne Richardson.)

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